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Okay...I'm new to this message board. I need some advice from all you Linux gurus. I plan on starting my senior project soon and I need some cool ideas.

I like Linux and the only way for me to learn more about Linux and it's kernel is to work on it from a development standpoint. Therefore, I've decided to make my project Linux-based. The only problem is that I don't know where to start. That is why I need some ideas from you guys.

I've taken a Unix Network Programming class and we worked with POSIX, various IPCs, and sockets (I really enjoyed this class). I like to program in C/C++ or Java. I use GCC and VI.

Here are some concepts that I would like to implement into my project. I don't need to implement all of them, but this is the direction that I would like to go with my project:
-Client / Server Programming
-Network Security (encryption)
-QoS (i'm gonna have to read more into this)
-GSM (i'm gonna have to read more into this also)

Do you guys have any cool ideas? I'll be working on this project alone. So nothing too hard or too easy. I wanna do a project that I realistically can handle all by myself. =]

Thanks for your help and ideas!


  • i'm new too.. but i got a suggestion:
    how about your own instant messaging server/client?
    ... possibly w/ encryption support?
    it could be just a text based system.. nothin' fancy.
    i'm a beginning programmer myself, so i'd like to help in any way i could (provided that other ppl's help is allowed for this project)

  • Hey mike ,
    got a great idea for u :)
    Now-a-days antivirus companies wanna pay big money on Antivirus solutions for linux machines,
    Reasons being best known to them,
    One of the part of Antivirus is packet filtering firewalls,
    i think u referred W.Richard Stevens for network programming
    the best in the market, so why not desing a packet filtering firewall which would work on a network as well as standalone m/c's
    I would love to help incase you need any
    best of luck
    thnx anyways

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