Getting Started with databases

Hi there :-)
I know you have heared this 1000 times, but can you give me some directions on how to get started with databases/SQL ?
I know C++, but I am kind of confused here.
As far as I know:

1 I need a server. The servers job is to host the database.
2. Then using SQL, which is database language, I can accesses, modify and etc. the database.

Is that the case? Where I can find good tutorial on SQL? What about Access, Oracle, MySQL what is the difference between these ?
Which to choose to work with?

My objective is to build a database for a web site. It will hold users with their data. Each user will submit, tutorials and code for the website. The database should keep track, who submited what, to what tutorials/code given person is author to and so on.The tutorials/code on the other hand will have to be organized in categories. There should be a way to search for given type of articles.

To my understanding the way to achieve this is by creating a database. Is that the case?
Thanks a lot !


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