A/SQL: New Web language and development platform

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The major advantage of A/SQL is that it allows you to use SQL in your programs without API and without external database.

A/SQL is a Web platform with open source XML/XSL/Web Services tools.

A/SQL enforces use of SQL for all internal program data. In other words, no more linked lists, hash tables, arrays and other custom data structures. You use standard SQL (such as SELECT, INSERT etc) to handle your internal program data.

Complexity in most programs comes from designing one's own custom data structures and one's own methods (functions) to add data, delete, search etc.

By using standard SQL, programs become considerably shorter. At the same time anyone can understand them.

A/SQL comes with hundreds of examples. Included is enterprise platform for building Web applications. This platform has been successfully used to build applications for US Marine Corps.

A/SQL is fast and robust. I invite you to try it.

It can help you gain competitive advantage. Learning curve is almost non-existant, assuming you ever worked with simplest SQL.

A/SQL and associated enterprise tools were funded by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) as a Web platform to decrease the learning curve and cost of custom Web development.

Thank you

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