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I was wondering since i was never taught much software if anybody knows how to write programs in debug. I had to wire up a circuit on an ISA board and i have it decoded to my given address of 02A4 hex....well i need to write a program that i can run in debug that does this:

when i enter 80Hex into my Dip switch it has to make the keyboard print all caps to the screen. When i enter 00H into the Dip switch on my board it has to print all lower case to the screen. basically im just overiding the caps lock. The caps lock cannot work to make it upper or lowercase if i press it on the keyboard. Then i also need to be able to press the / key to return to debug. anybody think they can help me out? if your bored or just have experience or knowledge of how to do this please help me out! im desperate...i hate and cant do programming lol. thanks in advance.


  • Try to post message in x86 message board ...

    But for your problem i think you can hook the keyboard interrupt .
    This means that every time a key is press the cpu stops and jumps to your code , in your code you can see if a caracter is write and if you are in upper case mode then you convert the char to upper case , if you are in lower case mode you convert them to lower case , afther that i think you can jump for the normal keyboard instruction , or you can code all keyboard intruction and makes your instruction the new keyboard instruction , when you finish you just restore old key int .

    interrupt table begins in 0:0 bios adress , there is 256 interrups , all interrupts handles are double words , and they are in seg:off format but because of the intel arquitecture i think they are in off:seg ,

    there are more things to say about interrupts but there are many post in x86 talking about this

  • I have program in debug just for fun but making a program in debug is not a good think , make your program in a normal assembly compiler that lets you to program for x86 real mode like tasm , than compile it for binary , also use the org instruction to make a .com file ,
    making this on a compiler or in debugger is the same thing .

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