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Dear everyone!

I recently posted a similar message on another programming board, but thought it best to re-post here as I am in need of game programming expertise from those who are original, creative and knowledgable about this subject matter!.

To briefly sum up at this stage my role:

I am a freelance game designer who is in the final stages of a design document. This is my first attempt, and is in no way for commercial use or profit, yet I am willing to pay for your assistance in completing written areas upon subjects such as:

Game Engine details- new and original ways of thinking and adapting ideas for a multiplayer FPS.

Water rendering ideas/ Collision detection.

....+ a few additional minor topics such as Customization in Multiplayer and relevent server info. etc.

I am not after pages upon pages of written work, but more so short, to the point information that will stand out and give the reader an exciting report!.

Any help from anyone on this board would be most appreciated!.
For a rough idea, 2-3 pages MAX- 60 per page!!. (Will offer more money to those who can demonstrate a HIGHLY advance knowledge of game engines and their design!).


Thank everyone, all the best.

Please E-mail me if interested at:

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