Win32 Assembly Programming Using RosAsm


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Here is a summary of programs with source codes available.

ODBCDemo1 : A very simple program that uses ODBC to read and display data from an Access database. The user need not setup the DSN.

PC1256Test Version 1.0: A simple program to test the freeware encryption code: Alexander Pukall's PC1 Encryption algorithm.
The PC1 cipher uses a 256-bit key. The C source code is included in this distribution, The PC1256.dll was compiled using Dev-C++ (GCC 3.2).

VMySQLDB Version 1.0: A tool that allows you to view the structure of MySQL databases. This program requires libmysql.dll which is included in your MySQL distribution.

VSQLiteStruc Version 1.0: A tool that allows you to view the structure of SQLite databases. This package also includes SQLite.DLL. For more information on SQLite, please visit

TrayIcon Version 1.0.0: A simple Tray Icon application template.
This TrayIconV1.exe program shows how to:
Create the application main window;
Added Help, About and MyMenu items to pop-up menu;
Call htmlhelp to display chm file;
Display About dialog box, with GPL in read-only text box; and
ShellExecute to open URL in default web-browser.

SDIAsm Version 1.0.0: A simple SDI (Single Document Interface) application template.
This SDIAsmV1.exe program shows how to:
SDI (Single Document Interface) main window with menu;
Accelerator Keys;
Parse command line to get second text string in quotes,
e.g. "c:path namefile name.exe" "my command line or file name";
Splash dialog with bitmap;
About dialog, with read-only edit control to display GPL;
File Open common dialog and set statusbar with file name (with path);
File Save As common dialog;
Call Html Help file;
Status Bar and its update with command line string; and
Command button in About dialog that calls ShellExecute to open URL in default browser.

DlgAsm Version 2.0 A simple dialog-based application template.
This dlgasmv1.exe program shows how to:
create a Win32 dialog-based application, i.e. using a dialog as the main window.
create a splash screen, display text and a simple bitmap.
create a statusbar, attach it to the main dialog window and set text in the statusbar
create an About box, with static text and a read-only edit control and also how to set text in the edit control.
create a command button that calls ShellExecute to open URL in default web-browser.
calls jtmlhelp to display a chm file.
set the program's icon in the dialog's titlebar and also when the application is minimized at the toolbar.
implement File Open common dialog and set full path and file name in statusbar.
get and clear text from an edit control in the main dialog window.

QLogoff Version 1.0.0: Logoff Windows

QShutdown Version 1.0.0: Shutdown Windows

QReboot Version 1.0.0: Reboot Windows

GetCommandLine Version 1.0.0: Get command line and display full string (program name and path with command line string) in a message box.

GetCommandLine Version 2.0.0: Get command line and displays the second part, that is, without the program name and path. This version will extract only the command line string enclosed in quotes.

SetWallpaper Version 1.0.0: Set desktop wallpaper with bitmap.

RmWallpaper Version 1.0.0: Remove desktop wallpaper.

Bell Version 1.0.0: Play a Wav File.

Sprintf Version 1.0.0: Call sprintf from msvcrt.dll.

MCal 1.0.0: Displays monthly calendar using ComCtl32.dll.

ViewChm 1.0.0: Calls htmlhelp function located in HHCTRL.OCX and also implements Accelerator Keys. Press the F1 key to view chm file or Control X to exit program.

All the above programs were built using RosAsm. :-)

What is RosAsm?
It is an IDE for Win32 assembly programming. In my opinion, it is also a RAD tool for building Win32 programs using assembly. It has built-in source code editor, assembler, debugger, dis-assembler and resource editor.

You can download RosAsm from this site:

Visit to download the programs and source codes.

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