Hidden URL

Hello! I would like to be able to access a password protected directory by

setting the userid and password within my script (HTML/Java Script/Perl - whatever).

I am creating links (on the fly) to the files in the passowrd protected directory

if the user is a valid member (based upon a database lookup). The members'

userid and password IS NOT the same as the userid and password to access the

directory as there are many members - one directory (therefore one userid and


Sure, I could simply create the link as follows provided the member is valid:


but then everyone knows the userid and password and can send it to anyone.

Is there an HTTP variable that I can set that tells the server the user is valid?

Something that will simply allow me to create the link as:


Or - is there a way to encrypt the userid and password in the URL?




  • While this isn't the most secure way, you might try looking around for the GateKeeper script. it works like this:

    1) prompt user for "password"

    2) Try to access page using:


    Where password is what they entered in the box prompt, and the .html (or .htm) is tagged on to the end of it.

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