I need inspiration!

I need to produce a collection of games that will in some way help with the education of maths however I can't think of any way in which this can be done to produce something that is both educational and fun so far all the ideas are one or the other. They need to be suitable for 11-16s of all ability however not all games need to cover the whole age range or abilities. If anyone can come up with any ideas please can you tell me them either by replying to this message or e-mailing me at cheekyians@hotmail.com hope someone can help me!


  • You could use a game environment like that found in games like Myst, Return to Zork, Zelda: Majora's(sp) Mask, ICO, etc...
    Basically creating puzzles and problem solving senarios/situations for the player to solve to either progress the story line or further their character in the universe that is the game.

    The problems don't have to be straight-across-the-board math either.
    They can be "hidden" math problems.
    For example, one could translate an encrypted riddle on a wall to find out the proper weight needed to make a pully(sp) open a specific door.
    A different weight may even open "other doors" (traps incuded?).

    In the end, an Adventure seems the most likely, and perhaps an archiologist/scientist(stargate?), runaway engineer, or something of the like might work.

    I fact, perhaps an engineer was working on some important "BLANK" and "something" happened. Now, he's on the run from some "big evil corp-group-whathaveyou", trying to figure out how to unlock some mystical device so that he can "accomplish some greater good".
    In this trek, he could find himself in otherworlds, trying to get the "mystical device" to, again, "leap" him to his hopefully final destination of "greater good" and victory.

    Just off of the top of my head ideas.
    Hope they help in some way, shape, or form.

  • Wow you really did put a lot of effort into that which is quite impressive, will have to work out how much time I've got as to if I could do something like that in time for it to be useful in the mean-time I have come up with useless little things that are in no way fun but I suppose in education anything with bright colours is pretty fun in comparison to the rest of the work!
    Very impressed with your post basically saying do a mathmatical based quantum leap game with a mad cow in hysterics!

  • Thanks, Glad you liked it and that I could be of help.
    It didn't take that long BTW.
    5 minutes or so.
    Most of that sort of insperation comes from "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis"(old computer game), with a side of Stargate(the movie, not the game) mixed in.

    Hope it goes well.
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