Programmer needed for 2D Sprite-based Game

Tired of hearing people say "I have a great idea for a game" but never actually have anything substantial to contribute to the project?

My name is Chris Fisk and I'm part of a team of disgruntled, amateur game-artists/musicians/designers known as electrofiction who have been burned by the inevitable "Programmers losing motivation in a project" routine.

I view software development like baking a cake: you have the ingredients (the content/art/music/story) and the actual baking of said ingredients by chefs (programmers). All too often we have found ourselves assembling the entire recipes only to find our chefs have lost interest and moved on (leaving an assortment of useless media to waste away into vaporware).

If you are a programmer interested in making games and getting your hands dirty in code for projects that will actually see the light of day, please drop us a line. We'd really appreciate anyone willing to invest the effort in this endeavor.

Our current project is entitled "Shadows of Winter" ( ) and is in serious need of coders to be completed. It is/was a Total Conversion MOD of GPG's DungeonSiege engine which was promoted as a VERY friendly engine to MOD makers...which is was NOT. To our dismay, we will be forced to cancel this project after 2+ years of development.

A solution I would like to try is this: salvage all of the content (music/voice acting/graphics/etc.) and create a 2D Pre-rendered sprite-based game similar to the likes of Prince of Persia and Dragonlance: Heroes of Lance.

If you are at all interested, please drop me an e-mail at:

Thanks for reading.
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