newbie comperl odd question (dont have 2 know a thing about perl)


the language i use for most things is perl. it's nice and easy. but recenty i've been writing games, so i've been using vc++. but the not time critical parts are a pain to write with vc++ (for example: i hate winsock...). so i found this thing distributed by activestate called perlctrl whitch takes a perl 'class' and makes a COM dll. after i registered a test dll that returns the sum of two numbers, i tried it from works. then comes java. it works. then vc++. this was seveal weeks ago, yet i still can't get it to work. a friend of mine who claims he's used COM object from visual c++ before couldn't get it to work. he claims there is something strange about it. after endless pages of MSDN, sourcecodes, explenations, and more, i've reached a conclusion: i need to ask someone,even if my ego never recovers.

so can anyone help me? gimmie your email and i'll send you the dll and all it's information.

thanks for taking the time to read my post, and sorry for bothering you with what has the potential of being a stupid question.
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