Computer professinal

i looking for anyone who is a computer programmer.

i need someone who can answer all these questions? you can contact me at and we could set up a interview, or you could fill out the questions your self and email the to me. Contact me for any questions

Job title: Computer programmer
Company you work for:__________________
Email or phone #(preferably phone #):__________________

1. What Kind of programming language(s) do you work with?

2. How long have you been programming?

3. What kind of experience did you need to land your first job?

4. What kinds of skills are useful in your job? (Im sure knowing how to programming is a plus, but what else)

5. What kind of individual work do you do? How do you work with groups?

6. What physical requirements do you need?

7. How are hours on average? Weekday? Weekends?

8. Whats vacations and time off (holidays, sick days, etc.) like? A lot or a little?

9. Would you describe your schedule as being flexible?

10. Does your job require traveling? If so how often?

11. What stress factors are there?

12. Do you have a lot of paperwork?

13. What the starting salary for a programmer?

14. Are there certain perks? Extra stuff you get not listed in the job description.

15. What is you favorite part your job?

16. What do you dislike the most about your job?

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