You HAVE to read this!!

Since you guys are here for VB, I've decided to formally introduce you to my newest creation, VisualProgramming. It has other languages and soon to be JavaScript, but I have a VB section, which has the following for you:
--Great code snippets
--OCX files
--Open Source Projects (full source code!)
--Well explained tutorials
--Pure-VB Forum (working on that now)

there is no catch unless you want to download programs or open source projects or post on the forum. But seriously, all you have to do is register as a member, which is free unlike all those other websites who say "100% FREE!" and they're lying...i'm going to revolutionize webdesign. you're going to help.
[b]..:[/b] Zantos [b]:..[/b]
[blue]Mega[/blue][red]Riot[/red] Productions
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