Pitch change algorithm?

Hello everyone!

I am looking for an algorithm that will allow me to adjust pitch of a sound sample (specifically human voice). I have tried shifting a spectrum, which i obtained through FFT, but that introduced much noise. (it is also rather slow since I need to do a complex transfom as oposd to a real, but time is no object although real time is kind of great...)

I have also tried FIR and IIR algorithms, but they did not preserve tempo of the source.

If anyone knows how to implement a pitch shifter, please email me.

Thank you very much,




  • hi,

    i'm doing a project about music classification

    i have to classify the given music file whether it is rock, jazz, pop, blues,

    i'm looking for a related program that can be used.. can u help me..??

    please.....i think you're doing a related project that can be used in my project..

    if u dont mind, can i have a look at your program..??

    thank yu so much. your cooperation will be highly appreciated

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