About Your Great Programs

All of the command line tools sucks! They are hard to use and even harder to learn to use it

because you need to memorize all those stupid commands. The stupid authors should add GUIs to

their stupid programs. A lot of programs here

are outmoded and are good for nothing but quandries.


  • 1. Most commandline tools have a help that you can access by either having no commandline arguments, or by having the argument /?,?/help,-?, and/or -help. So you don't (usually) need to memorize anything, (assuming you can read).

    2. The only skills you need to use the commandline are reading, and typing. Since you managed to post that message I'm assuming you can do both.

    3. What the heck are you talking about?!

    If you are complaining because you've been pointed toward commandline apps a bunch of times, then there's probably a reason you keep getting pointed at those apps. Commandline programs don't tend to baby things down. Also there must be something right with commandline apps, they still get used today, for example the Java Developers Kit only has commandline apps.

    If you are complaining because you think ASM programs always have commandline interfaces, then you're completely off. You can program Windows in ASM, in fact it's easier to program Windows GUI programs in ASM than DOS programs.

    If you are complaining because all of the people for OSes seem to be making commandline shells, then I'm sure you've never tried to make a OS. Most people want to make a base, then build up on it. It can be frustrating to make a 16-bit real-mode OS, and a real pain to make a 32-bit, multi-tasking, robust OS without having to bother about a GUI, and that doesn't even count writing your own driver's for EVERYTHING. Anyways, most people that keep with it will probably add a GUI once their base is established.

    If you are complaining for another reason, then maybe you should post a more comprehensive description of your problem, maybe someone will be able to help you see something you didn't see before.

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