Controlling Loaded Movie Clips

Hi all,

I've been frustrated with this stupid problem for about 30 mins now. Can anyone help?

I've got a SWF called Sound Controller, that has a function called loadSoundFile(fileName). It does just that.

When I run that movie, the sound loads fine and all is well.

I have made it generic enuf to become a loaded movie into something else.

So I've created a temp flash movie to load the Sound Controller. I can get the movie to load into the temp flash movie fine, but I can't seem to control any of the functions in it.

I believe it could be something to do with the fact that I used _root.whatever in the Sound Controller and that now that I've loaded the Sound Controller into the temp flash movie the paths are conflicting or something.

I want to be able to call a function inside the Sound Controller (ie. loadSoundFile(fileName)) so that the temp flash Movie can load the sounds dynamically.

Can someone please tell me how to do this, plus how not to confuse the paths in both the movies (ie. how to use the _levelN or relative paths)

Many thanks in advance!
Bradley q:)
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