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Hey all,

I'm creating a simple program but i have run in some trobule.
I'm using directdraw to create a back surface fill it randomley with pixels and then flip it into the primary surface.
The compile goes good but when i start the program it shows a black screen and quits to windows.

You can download the source from here:

Take your time


  • That means that your either don't have the back buffer surface and you try to right to it causing a fault. One thing you will want to check is if all your HRESULT return values fail with this macro if (FAILED(return value)) if one fails have it output debug string to your compiler using OutputDebugString. THis is the best way to track down a bug if you only have one monitor. Hope this helps. Also if you want more information on the error take the return value and write a switch statement that will check all the possible return values for that function call.

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