Shared Assembly and Depoloyment Problem

1. I wan to use a shared (sharedAssembly.dll) assembly in my application (myApp.exe). The shared assembly (sharedAssembly.dll) is not placed in the global assembly cache, rather it is placed in the program filescommon files folder. The thing is that i am able to use the shared assembly by adding a reference to it and setting the copy local property to true. Now when i set the copy local property to false, i am even not able to build the application. How can i do this?
2. The second problem is how can i deploy the application? Because i am currently hardcoding the search path in the myApp.exe.config file as
<?xml version="1.0"?>

When i will deployt the application with this config file, it will search the assemblies in c:progra... but i want it to search in the common files folder irrespective of the drive letter... How can i do this?
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