file unable to open (FILE SIZE ISSUE)

I am having an issue with opening a file using the below code in c++. The code used to work before.
I am running this program in unix (sun c++ v4.2 compilers). The file I am reading currently is now > 2GB. I am able to read files < 2GB using this code. This is a production issue. Using unix cat and copy I am able to access file > 2GB.

This is a production issue I am working on.
Your quick help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

int main()
char buffer[500];
ifstream inFile("FILE.TXT", ios::in);
// Check if there was an error opening the file
if (!inFile)
cout << "Unable to open the file
return 1;
while (inFile >> buffer)
cout << buffer << endl;
return 0;

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