posted code in (almost) anything but MS Internet Explorer

Hello! First of all, I want to say that I really like this site quite a bit. :-)

But...and there's always one...have you noticed what happens in browsers like Netscape (or Mozilla), and Konqueror when code is posted with the [ code ] [ /code ] tags? It adds a
tag so that everything is double spaced:
line 1
line 2 on the very next line
line 3 on the very next line
line 4 on the very next line
In what I actually wrote, and in MS Internet Explorer, there are no blank lines there; but there is in all my other browsers. It's not exactly unreadable, but the pages do tend to get excessively long. Is there any way you could remove
in between



  • Hi

    I see the problem now and I will fix that.


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