Beginners DirectX Book???

I've been useing C++ for about a year and now I want to learn DirectX before Windows LongHorn is released. I searched high and low, but can't seem to find a decent book to get started with. It makes me wonder how anyone learned how to use this API in the first place.

Anyway I would really apreciate it if someone could point me to a book that doesnt get to much into detail.

I've tried online tutorials, but prefer to learn from a book.



  • Big suggestion: Read two book 1. Tips and Tricks from game programming guru's (Its teachs you dx from the ground up) and then 3d Game programming by the game guru's teachs you 3d game programming. Both are great and both i read.
  • One of the best book i've read was "Programming Role Playing Game with DirectX" by James Adams. It is a long book but easy to handle and gave a pretty good intro to DX 8.1

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