Streaming mp3 files consecutively

Hi Folks, I have written code which uses the Fraunhofer and Thompson Layer 3 codec to decompress into DirectSound or Miles Sound System buffers. I stream two different files into the codec, one after the other, and I am trying to get the music samples to run into each other exactly. Instead of this there seems to be a tiny glitch between them. I looked at the mp3 in Sound Forge, which decompresses the mp3 and allows the corresponding PCM stream to be viewed and there seems to be a 30ms blank at the start of the file. I re-encoded out original clean WAV using a different encoder, and surprise, the same happened again. Do any of you low-level MP3 gurus know why this might be, or, even better, how to fix it???

For the record we tried MPecker and Opticom for encoding. Does the encoding naturally generate and store this artifact, or is the decoding deceiving me by generating an incorrect PCM stream?

Any direction on this problem would be greatly appreciated,

Al Murray, Bitmap Brothers Ltd.

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