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Ok, Thank you for all the wonderful help I have gotten here at the Evil Scripting message board, and for all the people who have given me repadative answers to my questions. I think for the 4th or 5th time of asking I have gotten down to exactly what I want... Thanx to a few people. I have found a code on this message board that forcefully shutsdown the computer and restarts it, I used it on command prompt and it worked successfully. I want to run this code, "shutdown -r -t 11", through commmand prompt on a remote computer, I have tried this but it says (when I try to access the server and then the computer) it will pop up and say that Access is Denied, and I am running Windows XP and it is a computer administrator, not a limited account. How can I get around this?
- S. Tranton

Ok, I have in a way answered my question and it has turned into a new one. I can shutdown the system remotely, if I had access to the server. Is there anything that I can do to get access to the server to run the program on the networked computer?

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