Heroes of Xentar

I have extensive folders of sprites and artwork for use on rpgtoolkit2. I have all the basic storylines on my game as well. What i am looking for is some1 to help with basically most of the "rpg coding". I want it alot like Zelda the fighting styl' ne ways. I dont like the new battle screen ideas like in the old days of Final Fantasy 2. The game will be 2d sort of like tibia. and a storyline like Knights of Xentar. The storyline will be sort of based off Knight of Xentar but will be a sequel then ending blew. This game will be 13-18 ages not adultanime or n e thing jus a fun rpg. You start out as a knight, vusit towns kill bosses, have friends join you. etc etc

I use a game tool called Rpgtoolkit u can learn more about it at www.rpgtoolkit.com its considered easier to make a game with. CONTACT ME FOR MORE INFORMATION

if you have msn add knightlytaylor@hotmail.com
or email me at that address, i will not quit this project i plan to finish this.
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