How to play music on background

I'm currently creating a demo RPG games, and i wonder how the others game playing the music on the background. I'm have using DirectSound and its able to done, but the problem is i need to load the whole wave file to the memory and its take time to load on it, and when changing the music, its make the game intermittent a while, is there any method to slove this problem?


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    Hmm. I am guessing maybe you could make a buffer buffering the whole music file list into memory before even playing the game so when you play the game you could call each music wav file from the buffer therefore not taking too long to load each file individually. I wouldnt know how to code it yet because I havent gotten that far in the game my friend and I are making. I'd have to draw the whole diagram or flowchart on paper and think about which functions to use before I actually code it. I was just talking about the logic I was thinking about putting all the code into a buffer and make it load.

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    P.S: try going to:

    That may help
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