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I'm coding a game in VB.NET where I need to display a 2-dimensional map of the terrain on the screen, and then place a second layer of images on top of that (trees, bushes, rocks, and of course the player characters and enemies). Some of these overlap others, but I have that part figured out - I will just paint these BMPs in a specific order with a color defined for transparency.

I need advice from someone who has already done something like this (I never have). What functions in VB.NET would be useful to use? I need to pretty much tile the screen with bitmaps. Is there a better way to do this? Is there a function that will grab a small part of a large bitmap and paint it at a specific location on the form?

I am thinking of doing my graphics for all similar items on one bitmap and then somehow grabbing a small rectangle from that bitmap (containing just one object, say a tree) and painting that rectangle onto the form. But how how how?? Help...



  • hey
    i recommend that you use an array of integers that represent certain tiles. What you do then is associate each number with a tile and draw whichever tiles are on the screen. To overlap objects, have separate maps for the land itself and the objects so they are drawn seperately.

    if you want an example, try the game i made that uses a tile system (geocities.com/platinum_games)
    ive gotta go have fun figuring it out

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