Do YOU want to join a SERIOUS game development team?

Do you want to join a serious game development team? Do you want to be part of a completed project? Are you having trouble finding 3D modellers / graphic artists, musicians and storywriters to complement your programming skills?

Well, you may be interested in Spannerworx, as we are presently looking for more programmers. We have been together since late 2002, and have been going strong ever since. We may be an independent online development team, but we are dedicated in our work, and realistic in our goals. Our current project, Critical Supply, is a relatively unique driving/action game based in the war-torn future. We are utilising the OGRE graphics engine, the FMOD sound system and ODE physics.

If you have a good proficiency in coding with C++, and have moderate experience in either Direct3D or OpenGL, then you have what we are looking for. Ideal applicants would have an active interest and practical experience in either ODE physics, or game Artificial Intelligence. However, we dont require professional programmers but previous exposure to game development, at whatever level, is an advantage.

If youre interested, please drop me an email at and tell us a bit about yourself and your previous development experiences.

Thanks for reading :)

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