determining a sound format? HOW TO?!

Heres the deal we use a player (software) to play our digital voice files with names and extensions like c150930.jlr c=december 15=15th 0930= 9:30 am and jlr= doctors (dictator) initialls, what i want to do is make my own "player" for these files, now the manurfacturer of the digital equipment wont tell me what these files are but when i played around with them i noticed that i was able to convert 1 of them to a *.wav file via windows sound recorder. ( iwas just farting around and noticed after i converted it it would now play) so maybe this is a HINT for some of you super programmers out there. If anyone could POINT me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated!





  • Hi!

    The file may actually just be a WAV file, with a funny name and extension so it isn't recognised by many programs. You could just add the letters ".wav" to the end and try opening the file. If you want to varify the format, you can ope the wave file in a text editor. Among the junk, the first bit of text should say RIFF. This will be followed by some junk, followed by the text WAVEfmt. Further down you will see that it says DATA (possibly in lowercase). If all these are true, it may be a wave file. If you have a hex viewer, then the Wave file format is available at my site in the Intro ==> Part 3 section. You can verify it with this.

    Hope this helps - feel free to email me with any further questions!

    J. Worthington


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