lotus domino via java

sir we do have a lotus domino server and it seems as for the security purpose its smtp listemer is not enabled.I want to connect to it in some of my application so that i can mail some forgot password info of a user to his account.I have included notes.jar into my
JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext directory
but i don't know how to use its classes ...
also javamail and this
import lotus.domino.*;
are conflicting as have the definition of Session object......

is there any way to write api so that i can mail a person thru java code who has some entry in notes.ini of current lotus notes client and NAB(notes address book) on server



  • Its been a while, but...

    FYI: I believe you need to add the notes directory to your PATH. You need NOTES.JAR and NCSO.JAR on your CLASSPATH.

    Use fully qualified names to get round your namespace problem. Instead of writing:
    [red]import lotus.domino.*;[/red]
    public class MyClass{
    Session mySession;
    public class MyClass{
    [green]lotus.domino.Session[/green] mySession;

    There are comprehensive API listings and examples in the Notes help.
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