Demos in directX???

i've an ethic question about demo-coding.
Is it good technique to program demos in direct X?
Or should i spend my time where i am (dos, purprogramming ya know).
on the one hand i think directX would give me acces to a
huge range of computers where my demos can be played. On the other
hand, is it real demo programming to use dx?


  • Hmm,to get back a little life to this great board (the way it meant to be played ;) ) Ill write my very own oppionion.

    In fact there exist a lot of intros/demos done under win32 with different apis (opengl,d3d,glide,etc).most(all?) of them are >=4k,because its impossible (without some tricks) to make a win32-exe smaller than 2k or so.and all of them are using some .exe-compressors to get all the stuff in 4k.

    win32-demos could use all the modern stuff like 3d-acceleration,surround-sound,high resolutions and so on,but and thats the point: they are not old-school ;)

    so its left to you,if you like the old-school-coding (asm,mode13h,lots of math,etc) win32 wont satisfy you,but if you want to use the newer features of todays hardware (and making the coding-process easier ;) ) you should give opengl a try...
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