Read & .TXT and .DAT(text) files into Access2000 using ADO's


I have many text files in my folders and subfolders in my system..
I should not import them in access...i should read and write them in to access 2000 using ADO's only...

My task is to read these files one by one and write into a single access 2000 database..

1) Open a text file in a folder
2) read the data(records) one by one
3)write them into an access 2000 database which either already created or careted programmatically in the same program..
4)Go to next file in the same folder and repeat the above process and write the data in to same Access 2000 database ..
5)continue the process till the end of all files in that folder

Note: I have other types of data files also like .DAT(text), .DBF III, and Access97(.MDB's)..i ahve to read and write these files also in different databases..

Can anybody help me??? any suggestions, sample programs are welcome..

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