Am I being hacked???

Hey all:

Thanks for reading...These days I am afraid that some one has hooked into my Internet Explorer. When I open IE and press any key, the systems hangs for a while (30 to 60 seconds), no caractres are displayed in the edit box, nor IE receives control from the OS. Then after that, characters appear and then every thing continues "normal". Also IE crashes very often (API hooking???) It appears to be that there is some hook for the keyboard entries to the IE. I guess that the hook try to stablish a connection to a remote point (so the lag) for sending the characters that I just typed.

Am I so paranoic??? How can I prove that no hack is happening into my IE?? If so, how can I get rid of it??? Thanks... John


  • John -
    Really, the simplest way is to go to Zonealarm and download a demo of Pest Patrol. It will find a lot of crap you didn't know was there and let you get rid of it or quarantine it. You may even want to buy it!
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