Linking TxtGlue* functions using prc-tools

I am fairly new to Palm development. I am reading O'Reilly's Palm OS Programming and working through their example Sales application. I've got most of it compiling at the moment. However, I keep getting "undefined reference" errors when trying to link any of the TxtGlue functions. I am using prc-tools under Red Hat Linux 8. I have added the -lPalmOSGlue option to the command line, but still get the errors.

Yes, I know I can download the source code. In fact, I have and it compiles just fine. However, I find that I learn more if I can put all the pieces together by hand. I have typed in most of the source code and created a makefile myself. If anyone knows how to link with the TxtGlue functions with prc-tools, I'd sure appreciate any suggestions.

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