Windows 95

Hello, Every time I try to start my laptop I get the scan disk which is unable to complete or fix the errors that it has found. How can I get around this? If I just load windows all over again will this fix the problem?



  • [green]Not necessarily. There are many ways around it, and I cant explain them all, so heres what you should try:

    1. Start in DOS. Start ScanDisk and see if it fixes the errors.
    2. You could try backing up your data to another drive and try formatting that drive again. Many complications can occur here.
    3. You could use a 3rd party tool like Norton's SpeedDisk (use the latest version, or you'll end up losing long-file-names.
    4. If scandisk stops at a particular file, try deleting that file
    (make a backup first)

    I could help better if I knew *exactly* what the problem is.

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