Where can I buy a 80386 or 80486 - compatible SBC in the U.K?

Does anyone have any suggestions where I can get a 80386 or 80486 - compatible SBC in the U.K? I am buying private/retail, it is for learning only so I dont want to be spending a lot.... any suggestions?


  • 2net distributes JKMicro's Flashlite 386Ex (along with other JKMicro products) in the UK.
    I have nothing to do with them, I'm just using Flashlite 186 and I'm quite happy with it.

    See http://www.2net.co.uk for details.


  • What application are you using it for, and is it suitable for learning/educational purposes?
  • Well, I have several different projects on course, basically as any other microcontroller projects: dealing with digital I/O, serial communications, etc.

    I'd say it's very suitable for learning, since it's laid out like a standard DOS-based PC, and it is coded in the same way. Most programs run both under PCs and the Fl186 without modifications. I've only found differences dealing with the internal timers and serial communications, although the latter is not a problem since they provide a driver and some libraries which make it very easy to code.

    I don't know what your needs are, but if you don't need Ethernet interfaces or several other features requiring a 386 processor, I'd go into the 186 solution, which is under 50 and still quite powerful.


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