jsp and applets, plz help

hey, Can somebody please advise me on how to link jsp to an applet. I need the applet to return a number which is fine, I then need that number to be picked up by jsp so it can then be inserted into a mysql database. As soon as JSP has that number, I can do the rest. I just need to know how jsp and applets interact. Any source code, advice or links would be very appreciated. Thanx in advance



  • The easiest way to do this is by using parameters.
    Just send an parameters with your applet to JSP page and let the JSP pick up the parameters and let it interact with the database.

    I think this is what you're looking for, hope it helps you out.


  • thats fine but I dont know how to send the parameters from the applet so that jsp can pick em up. plz help. Paul

  • Just use a hyperlink to do that. It would look like this:


  • ok, so in the applet say I want a method to return a number, I would just do:


    so this would return a high score of 50. Then how does JSP pick up that parameter?

    My applet is basically a connect4 game, when the player has finished using the applet, ie. when they have entered the game over state, I want the applet to return their high score. ThenI want JSP to pick that high score up and send it to a server database. Im fine with the database bit - im just unsure about how to pick up the parameter. Thanx for your help already and thanx in advance as well! by the way, do u have an email address at all so that I could add you to my list? thanx, Paul

    ps. mine is - hatton306@hotmail.com
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