Can anybody send it?

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Can anybody send the difference between RTOS and other OS in detail?


  • : Can anybody send the difference between RTOS and other OS in detail?
    I'm not an expert in the field, so this is the textbook answer to your question. :-)

    Real time operating systems need to respond to a set of data about the conditions of a system in an amount of time that allows them to influence the next set of data. Response times generally need to be in a number of milliseconds. Therefore running the right proccesses at the right times and sharing resources efficiently are extremely important. RTOSes are often found in mission critical situations - the only area I've ever touched them was when I did a couple of weeks work experience years ago at a place that made oil and gas metering sosftware. Was an interesting placement...

    Other types of OS include batch operating systems (you give them something to do, they go away and do it without further user interaction) and interactive operating systems (like Windows; they respond to instructions given by the user). On these types of OS, responding to things quickly isn't such an issue.

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