Plz Help Me : 3D chess board using Opengl

hii...can someone plz help me design a 3D chess board using opengl for windows...i tried the one but its too complex...i need it for my assignment....preferbly with comments...
thanks a million


  • Heh.. I've been thinking of making a board for my AI class next semester, unfortunately we can't use OpenGL so I haven't done so. That and i'm not that good with OpenGL at the moment.

    about all i can suggest you is to use a 2 dimensional array
    (i've read an idea to use an extra set of rows and columns to represent the border)
    then make the visual of the board a set size (easier to do than a variable number of rows and columns).. all you're doing is linking the two.. the visual board and the array together via placing pieces..

    I can't really offer code for you, but perhaps i can help you with specific problems.

    Sorry i'm not much use at the moment.. esp on my dialup for 3 weeks

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