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hey people, i am new to mysql and I want to implement it with jdbc and jsp so if there is anybody out there who knows about mysql and would be willing to answer a few of my questions then plz just drop off ur email address and i will email you regarding this. Thanx a lot in advance. Paul. my email address is - feel free to email me


  • Hi,

    Skipped over this at first 'cus you mentioned JAVA stuff which I know nothing about. You do say your questions are about MySQL on a second read though, so I may just be able to help. What is it you want to know?

    BTW, it's often best not to ask people to email you stuff but rather post your questions on the board. That way other people can learn from your questions and any answers you get. :-)


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  • hey Jonathan, ok bout the email adress (i woz asking bout that cos i woz kinda in a bit of a rush and needed answers!) but thats cool. Due to the fact that ur the only that has replied to my thread, I had to figure out the problem myself and I now know all the basics about MySQL and I am now trying to use it in web pages using JSP. So its all cool! Neway i best go mate. Cheers neway
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