Visual Basic, C#.NET telecommute Developer with 11 years experience

Tallahassee, FL 32309


Offering eleven years of experience with full product life-cycle, including
product conception, financial analysis, beta testing, and product maintenance,
as well as in-depth knowledge of information technology management and all
aspects of Windows NT network administration. Background highlights the
ability to conduct database migration and data manipulation, redesign existing
software, develop N-Tier software, and create network and client/server
applications. Highlights expertise in producing data and financial tracking
software as well as converting software into multiple languages.


Visual Basic 6 | Visual Basic .NET | Visual C++ | Palm OS Development |
ASP | JavaScript | XML | Fox Pro | C# .Net | SQL Server 2000 | PHP |
MySQL | HTML | Stored Procedures | Database Tuning | MTS | COM |
DCOM | Triggers | ADO | ActiveX | IIS | SQL


Project Management | Software Management | Quality Control | Systems
Installation | Research & Development | Network Management | Process


* Discovered and corrected resource issues with an old version of the flagship
product, allowing a company to earn an additional $9M for FY01 and $12M for
* Developed a data storage application, saving a company an estimated $5M per
* Led a team which designed an internal invoice tracking application, which
checked for double-billings and discrepancies in accounts payable and saved $3M
within the first month.
* Maintained IIS 5 and managed user rights and permissions, assisting a company
to save $500K per month through the use of upgraded servers and databases.
* Designed a data conversion utility, allowing a company to import data in
various formats into a Fox Pro database, generating $80K a year in operations
* In 2002, I help Symantec develop a signature file for the Nimda virus.


Merlin981 (Russia)
Project Manager/Software Developer/SQL Server DBA 2003
Oversaw the full product life-cycle of a massive multiplayer role playing game.
Managed a team of three US personnel and 10 Russian personnel from locations
in Russia and America. Organized and facilitated development methods and
timeframes for release of product. Created three-tier network environment using
Visual Basic, C#.NET, and SQL Server as the backend.
Desktop Development Manager/Project Manager/Software Engineer 2000-2003

Oversaw the full product life-cycle of a new version of PREP Realtor software,
while managing ten personnel responsible for PREP 5. Organized and facilitated
development methods and timeframes for release of product and service packs.
Acted as the intermediary between in-house software testers, quality assurance
teams, and desktop developers. Created a three-tier network environment for
the software using Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 for the backend. Produced
Palm conduits for syncing the user database with Palm pilots running Palm OS 3
or greater.

Contract Software Engineer 2001

Researched and developed database networking utilities and connections for the
Oklahoma Highway Patrol, allowing officers in the field to access an SQL server
database, which tracks an individual's criminal record.

Ounce of Prevention
Project Manager/System Developer/ Network Administrator/SQL Server DBA

Led the full product life-cycle for an application that allowed 37 remote sites
to eliminate paper data storage and convert to the utilization of the Internet.
Served as project manager of a team with four personnel, while overseeing
network administration and intrusion prevention and detection. Maintained and
supported various web sites hosted by the company.

Metro IS
Project Manager /Contract Computer Programming 1999

Conducted research for the development of software that tracked inventory
recovered from insolvent insurance companies. Managed a team with six
developers and led the creation of the inventory application and an internal
invoice tracking program.

Steve Boyle & Associates
Project Leader /Contract Software Developer 1999

Supervised a team of three developers and two support personnel responsible for
the development of new utilities and upgrading of existing applications in the
company's product line. Built two custom servers which allowed for a larger
capacity of data storage and faster network and data access, saving
approximately 100 man-hours of production per month.

TMIB Services
Project Manager/Contract Consultant/Computer Programmer 1996-1999

Orchestrated three teams consisting of three to ten developers working at
various sites throughout the state of Oklahoma. Wrote and maintained billing
software for a company using Visual Basic 5 and SQL Server. Created time-
tracking and billing software for another firm, allowing the company to
effectively manage assignments for personnel.


Certification, Borland C++
Moore-Norman Vo-Tech

* English (Native)
* Russian (Intermediate)
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