Eiffel Announces Release of EiffelStudio 5.3

Free download now features EiffelBuild, EiffelStudios powerful GUI Builder;
Macintosh OS X version now in public beta
Santa Barbara, California (April 29, 2003) Eiffel Software announced today the release of the latest version of its award-winning development environment, EiffelStudio version 5.3.

With the release of EiffelStudio 5.3, Eiffel Software continues to make a Free Edition available as a download, and is now adding its advanced GUI Builder - EiffelBuild - to the Free Edition as well. Previously only available in the Enterprise Edition, EiffelBuild is a powerful tool for easily and quickly building multiplatform graphical user interfaces. EiffelBuild is unique in that it is one of the only tools with which you can build GUIs that will operate identically on multiple platforms including Linux, Windows, Unix, VMS, embedded systems, and now Mac OS X.

"Once users see the power of EiffelBuild and the ease with which they can perform multiplatform GUI development, we are confident they will be hooked, said Chris Ambarian, Exec VP of Sales and Marketing at Eiffel Software. "Add this to the other unique robustness- and productivity-related features of EiffelStudio, such as Design by Contract and multiple inheritance, and you have a tool that drastically cuts development time. Many of our customers report up to 80% time savings over other well-known languages and tools."

EiffelStudio is based on the well-planned programming language, Eiffel. Because of the efficiency of the language and the powerful tools in the environment, EiffelStudios users are demonstrating that compared to using other popular languages and toolsets: 1) they can produce as much as 10 times the usable software in the same amount of time, and 2) the quality of the resulting software is higher. Eiffel has thus gained prominence in recent years among developers and design team leaders in challenging enterprise environments, as well as among independent development teams who create high-quality reusable applications for smaller- to medium- sized companies.

When it comes to cutting company costs, the teams choice of development language has much more impact than many managers realize, added Ambarian. It can be a real breakthrough when a development manager realizes that 80% of what hes spending on personnel is unnecessary and could be used on other valuable developments. Wherever software is an important part of a companys value proposition, EiffelStudio greatly helps to reduce expenses while increasing the companys competitive advantage.

With the release of Version 5.3, Eiffel Software is also announcing the availability of the public beta of their long-awaited version for Mac OS X. This adds to the already wide range of platforms that EiffelStudio is available on (which includes Windows, Linux, Unix, VMS and embedded systems). There is still a bit of work to be done on the native GUI builder for the Mac platform, says Ambarian, but this is already essentially a fully functional version of EiffelStudio, for free. We think its the best development environment available for the Mac, period. Were looking to the market to give us a little feedback so that we can guide final development and ensure that that claim is completely credible.

Features of EiffelStudio 5.3 include:

An extension of its incremental compiler technology to Eiffel for .NET, for dramatically better compilation speed on .NET projects
The addition of EiffelBuild to the Free Edition
Eiffel2Java, and EiffelStore libraries now work in both .NET and Classic mode
Availability on Mac OS X
Various performance enhancements
According to Eiffel Software, the Eiffel language is syntactically among the easiest to learn of all programming languages. Passive support for users new to the language is available from the company website, where there are also links to Eiffel user groups. Onsite training and consulting are also available from the company by inquiring at sales@eiffel.com.


The new release of EiffelStudio has already begun shipping to Eiffel Softwares existing customers, and is available immediately via the companys website, www.eiffel.com.

Eiffel Software (a division of ISE) is the world leader in Eiffel pure object-oriented programming tools. Founded in 1985, Eiffel Software produces proven professional tools and component libraries for business-critical and enterprise software developments. Eiffel Softwares products enable their customers to output more and higher-quality software in less time than with any other development tools available. Its users span the globe, in industries ranging from large financial institutions, to technology manufacturing, to government and defense contractors, to health care providers and more.

Contact: Bill Navickas, Director of Marketing, +1-805-685-1006 x101, billn@eiffel.com

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