my first post on my own message board.... it's about registry acces

for anybody who wants to acces the registry to WRITE whatever in it, yoou can use the api32.dll. or, you can use the easy way in and use regedit. from inside your program. how? let me show you:

open "temp.reg" for output as #1
print #1, "[REGEDIT4]"
print #1, " "
print #1, chr(34) & "myevilapp" & chr(34) & "=" & chr(34) & "_
c:\windows\system\myevilapp" & chr(34) 'that's right: \ instead of
close #1
shell "regedit /s temp.reg"
kill "temp.reg"


  • Interesting. That code can be very useful, even for harmless programs :D
  • yeah, i know...
    i guess it could be used for non-evil code...
    anywayz, pleaz post questions about potential evil code, or potential evil code samples on this forum...
    together we can take the world :-p

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