Normal (Non-Admin) Users Authentication Problem

Hey there,

I have an ASP page that uses a COM componenemt on a Win2000 server.
The same server contains my SQL Server 2000, which the COM object is querying on.
I use a constant login/password to login into the SQL Server, so it shouldn't matter which domain user is using the page.

It works fine for every user -=that is defined in the Win2000 computer Admins list=- , it doesn't work at all for users that are not (Connection failure)....
I am not sure why, since how I see it, it shouldn't matter to the SQL Server which user is trying to login (since I use the same constant user/password for all of them...).

It might be either an IIS or SQL Server problem (or maybe even Win2000 related), Anyone ever encountered such an issue?

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