mp3 problem

It's me again.

I am using the .NET IDE.
I am wanting to get a little information and insight about the best approach to accomplish something. I am wanting to integrate an MP3 recorder into an application. It needs to work simply. I want to pass a filename for the mp3 file, click the record button, when done click the stop button, then click the save button. Of course options to go back and record over sections of the file. No option to rename it. The program will handle the naming of the file. This will be used by a doctor and needs to be as simple as possible. The only user interface that will need to be implemented in the mp3 player/recorder should be only what a tape recorder is capable of. What is the best route to use? Are there some components in .NET that will enable any of this? Is there any API function call that can be used? A utility to integrate? The reason it needs to be MP3 is because of filesize. We will be dealing with up to 15 minute voice recordings. Any starting suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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