Playing CD Files...Help!

Can somebody please show me source code for playing .cda files with C++. Better yet, with DirectSound?


  • Easiest is look in the Windows platform SDK (MSVC help file or in MSDN at the microsoft web site) file for MCI (Media control interface) functions. Use MCI_open to open your device, the CD player. Use MCI_play to play. You can use the seek functions to change tracks, and the MCI_stop function to stop. Simple enough? Use MCI_close to close your device and allow other programs to use it.

    If you want to do it through DirectSound then you're out of luck, but DirectShow provides a 'COM' way of doing your CD files.

    If you want to sample the waveform, you will have to get your sound card to record it, which only works in analogue, and I believe you will need to use DirectSound for.

  • Dim Item
    For Each Item In Request.ServerVariables
    Response.Write "" Response.Write "" & Request.ServerVariables(Item) & ""

    " & Item & "

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