can't delete folder / looking for proxy for IP hiding

As written in subject, I'm looking for a way to delete
a "System Volume Information" folder that is located in
SUBFOLDER !? Story goes like this : I purchased a new drive,
and had it partitioned with Partition Magic as logical
partition having NTFS inside. After the operation,
I filled it with data, but later noticed a small unused area
at start of disk. So I tried expanding it, but the only way
was to create another NTFS partition there and then merging
it with the existing one. I've also done some drive letter changing
and labeling. Partition Magic went halfway through the procedure, when it reported some cryptic error code. Partitions were merged and data is OK for now.
During the merging procedure, I had to relocate files from old partition
into the new one insiode a subfolder. As consequence, the "System Volume Information" folder was also moved and now I have two such folders.
And I can't simply delete it from DOS-boot mode, since it is under NTFS. Can anyone tell me how to temporarily turn off protection
and delete the excess folder ? It may have to do with currently running services, but so far I haven't found anything.

Second problem is that I can't find a free software that acts as a local proxy server that links my browser with various proxy servers
on Internet (the privacy protection stuff, you know what I'm talking about), AND has AUTOMATIC update for lists of servers. The only ones
known to me to have it are GhostSurf (calculates connection speeds too)
and AiS Alive Proxy (can get proxy lists from any server, but not hardcoded like GhostSurf which ONLY uses few pre-programmed servers).
But they come with a price tag and a registration hassles ...
I don't have anything against the registration, but I avoid giving any personal info as often as possible, no matter how well protected
my personal info is. It is outside my computer and that's it.

There are some freebies out there but, none of them has a autoupdate
option (which is a minor programming hassle compared with rest of
the offered features in those freebies).

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