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L.IN.O.L.E.U.M, also known as Lino, is a new free multiplatform programming language that aims to keep programmers in touch with the machine. While providing much of the speed, power, and compactness of assembly, Lino is programmed in a much more intuitive manner. Lino works great for software that requires the fast computation of large quantities of data, such as graphics manipulation and generation, and is extremely versatile for any other use as well.

I recommend that you try out this great programming language, and if possible, help contribute to the community as well, by either coding more libraries for Lino, or translating the runtime module to new platforms. While only a Windows RTM is currently available, once new RTMs are made, translating a program to new platforms will be as simple as recompiling, since Lino offers complete abstraction from the physical system.

The compiler, as well as the source code to it, can be downloaded here...

The package comes complete with example programs and tutorials, and any further help or info can be obtained from the site's new forum, found here...

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