In Windows 95/98 when I set a directory or root drive to be shared
on a local network, I can also set password for it.

I cannot set find a way to set a password in Windows XP when I set
a directory to be shared on LAN.

Is it possible to set a password in Windows XP ?
(without using any other software).



  • My WinXp is in french(canada) but I think it goes like that :

    In explorer.exe, go in tools, folders options : Uncheck the evil "use simple files sharing" option.

    You need to have XP pro... I can't find it in Home edition.

    Now, you'll always need to give passwords, or enable the guest account, then give it a pass.

    Also, there is administratives shares for your drives. they are hiden like "C$". give the admin a pass. to see all share on your comp. right-click on your My computer, select Manage.

    I hope I've helped you...
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