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Hi everybody,

I had to remove RadHat6.0 from one of my machines. However, I was unable to remove the partitions with a DOS bootdisk. I had to start the installation off the RedHat CD and destroy the partitions I had previously created. Everything works fine; problem solved. However, there has to be a simpler way of doing this. My question is this: How can I remove Linux partitions besides the way I just mentioned?

Any constructive response is greatly appreciated,


PS: In case you must know, i'm installing Linux on my fastest machine and sending MS to its rightful place.... a 486.


  • The link provided was very helpfull.

    But out of curiosity, is there a way of removing Linux partitions that does not envolve 3rd party applications? Using a DOS or Linux bootdisk. I'd be interested in knowing if there was.

    Thanks again,


  • with the linuxbootdisk....i dunno,

    but there should be a prog called

    fdisk.exe on the win-bootdisk,

    it's a partitoning tool, but

    i think it destroys all you're data....never


    i think you could also do it "by hand", by

    changing the mbr (master boot record), also

    never done it thought.

    oh, but what i've done is deleted all

    my data a few times while partitioning,

    with some freeware tool, but in the end it


  • I originally attempted to remove the partitions with a win95 bootdisk.

    I used fdisk and I was able to delete one of the partitions (non-dos partition, if i'm correct).

    However, there was an extended partition and a logical one that I was unable to remove with DOS's fdisk.

    I did try doing fdisk /mbr.

    This wipes out your Master Boot Record so, whatever loader was there previously (in my case LILO) is no more.

    From there, I simply restarted the Linux installation and killed the remaining two partitions, and I rebooted.

    It did the job.

    Also, I know that partitioning software like partition magic are capable of doing this aswell.

    I just thought that there might be something I didn't know about fdisk that could do this for me.

    Anyways, it's not that important.

    I do appreciate the help sungam.

    much appreciated,


  • fdisk should work fine, boot with a MS-DOS formatted floppy, and run fdisk, kill the ext2 and linux native partitions.

    the other option is Partition magic, which is a top quality tool. it will let you mess about with partition sizes etc. again has to be loaded in MS-DOS, so boot off a floppy.

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