Hello fellow programmers,

I have a problem that I have been working on for over a week. I am trying to connect to a MYSQL database using ADO.NET. In Visual Studio 6.0, using ADO, I could connect to a MYSQL database by using the "OLEDB for ODBC drivers" data link setting and the connection would work fine. With .NET it does not. When trying to connect using the "OLEDB for ODBC drivers" data link setting, I get the following error: "You cannot use OLEDB provider for ODBC drivers". I have even tried using MyOLEDB. Whenever I install it and set up the database, the connection seems to be made, but when I try to drag a control from the server explorer, I get the following (Data Adapter Configuration Error) :

"The wizard detected the following problems when configuring the data adapter for "patientfile""
!Generated Select Statement
Error in Select clause:expression near '['
Error in From clause: near '['
Unable to parse query text

If I go in through the DataAdapter wizard using MyOLEDB, I have to remove the [Information_Schema] before the table name in the select statement for it to even generate the select statement without errors. Why does it keep adding [Information_Schema] in front of the table name?

Going that route, my next step would be to generate a dataset. Whenever I try to do that I get this error:

"Retrieveing the schema from OLEDBDataAdapter1 Failed."
"No Error Information Available:E_FAIL(0x80004005)"

I have tried everything and cannot figure it out. I have even tried MyODBC and ODBC.NET.

Can anyone please offer some advice????????
Any advice will be greatly appreciated

Thanks a million,

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