Problem with FindFirst and wildcard...


there is a snippet:


ime dw 0,'$'

FileName DB 'a:*.asm',0

String1 DB 'A drive','$'

String3 DB 'C drive','$'



mov ax,@DATA

mov ds,ax

push ds

mov ah,19h ;get current drive

int 21h

mov ah,9

cmp al,0 ;is it a drive?

je adrive ;yes

mov dx,OFFSET String3 ;no,it is c:drive

jmp cont


mov dx,OFFSET String1 ;write it isa:drive

int 21h


mov dx,OFFSET FileName

mov ah,4eh ;FindFirst

mov cx,20h ;archive files

int 21h



Explanation:Program searches for any file with asm extension on a: drive.

After that line carry is set indicating error.

Problem:FindFirst WON't work when FileName is a:*.asm (see above the definition!Everything else works,including :

??.* and so on...

Carry is always set,which means error!Why doesn't it work?

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